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The best way for children to learn is through providing first hand experiences for them. Children learn through play which will be carefully planned within the nursery environment. The play opportunities will be fun, practical, have a purpose and be relevant to their age and stage of development.

There are five main rooms within the nursery which will cater for valuable learning opportunities, all the following activities along with many more will be included in a typical children’s day at nursery.

Meals and Menu’s

At Sunnyside we are exceptionally proud of our three weekly menus. This includes breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack followed by tea.

5 A Day!

We strive hard to get our 5 a day by offering fresh fruit with breakfast and lunch and dried fruit with tea, we also include vegetables in or along with lunch and often have salad and vegetables at tea. All lunches are hot and substantial and usually consist of rice, potatoes or pasta.

We also offer a fruit and vegetable menu which offers a range of fruits and vegetable daily for our babies.

Baby Menu: This is as much like the main menu as possible but with slight alterations for little ones.

All of our menus take into consideration all children’s individual preferences such as vegetarian and dietary needs and an alternative is offered.

All of our meals include foods from different cultures, vegetarian options and healthily choices.

Download Sample Menu