Why Choose Sunnyside Day Nursery?

• Sunnyside is a bright, spacious and educational nursery with highly qualified and dedicated staff team who have been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

• Children are cared for in age appropriate groups where the emphasis is on the individual child’s development and needs.

• Sunnyside follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

• Sunnyside operates with 17 staff members which includes a management team of three and a nursery cook. All practitioners are fully qualified at level 3 and above. Three team members hold a degree level qualification and we also have a qualified teacher ( Early Years Professional ) too.

• Practitioners are all very well trained through external and in house training opportunities and hold special qualifications such as First Aid, Safeguarding, British Sign Language and Makaton.

• Throughout the nursery practitioners specialise in co-ordinating additional needs such as Health and Safety and Special Educational Needs.

• The nursery also has close links with early year’s advisors and outside agents such as Sure Start and providers who offer the educational grant.

• Sunnyside Day Nursery Ltd has excellent relationships with all parents and has recently been awarded the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’.

For further information please see our Ofsted report on – www.ofsted.co.uk


Flow of the day

A similar flow is followed each day to give the children a feeling of stability and security; however we will always be very flexible to the needs of each individual child taking their age and particular needs into consideration.

Starting Nursery

Most children will be happy to attend nursery and enjoy a happy day with friends sharing enjoyable moments together, however don’t worry if your child doesn’t at first-this is quite normal.

At Sunnyside Day nursery we like to get to know the parents as well as the children. If your child sees that you are happy to spend time with us, then usually they will also be happy to spend time with us.

We hope your child’s time spent with us at Sunnyside Day Nursery LTD will be happy and rewarding.

Please remember the nursery management and nursery practitioners are always willing to listen and talk to you if you need any information or have any concerns which may affect your child.